Rules and Codes of Conduct

All our waters are leased; most from the Local Authority. Many of our rules are agreed with the Council so the way in which our waters are used and managed is very important, and members and visitors are asked to respect all our rules as damage to the sites or conflict with the general public could result in loosing our waters. Please be sensible and courteous when on our waters and read and apply the Code of Conduct shown on your membership card. Rules include:-

  • No litter to be left on the bankside or in the waters
  • Never discard hooks, lines, shots, etc. when fishing
  • Plastic bags and tin cans can be dangerous to animals or other users of the waters, they have no place at our watersides
  • Read the rules of the Association and the Environment Agency
  • Always carry your E. A. licences and membership cards when fishing
  • Night fishing is not allowed – except authorised members of the night syndicate at Bickershaw Specimen Pool.
  • Help protect wildlife by fishing well away from bird nesting sites. Careful with lines when swans, ducks are present
  • Barbless hooks must be used on all waters except the canal were micro barbed may be used
  • Keepnets are not allowed on our waters except in authorised matches, or on the canal where smaller fish(less than 2lbs) may be retained in nets
  • Park your cars sensibly
  • Be courteous to all people you meet at the waterside particularly the bailiffs who have very difficult duties
  • Report all incidents of pollution to the E.A. 0800 807060. Remember you play an important part in protecting the waterside
  • Any complaints/issues/etc to the secretary – at our Email address – see officials and contacts.