Meetings, working parties, matches and match results

  • Committee meetings are held each quarter  (March, June,October , and December) and members are welcome to attend to discuss any issues of concern. Details of the meeting dates are given below. Last Thursday except December when it is held on the second Thursday in the month.  Details of the  dates and times are in the membership card.
  • Working parties are arranged to improve the safety and the general tidiness of our sites. The bailiffs play a particularly valuable role in the organisation of working parties as they act as a link between the members using the water and the committee. Liaise with the bailiffs on the respective waters and assist when you can. Details of the dates of working parties are listed below.
  • Annual matches (e.g. memorial matches)are held each year . Thanks to Danny Martin and Mark Grimshaw who organise the matches. There are also matches on Thursdays of each week during the warmer months on the Firs Park Lake or Fir Tree Flash.

    See the bailiff for details of the venue.

  • A match organised by our colleagues Ambition for Ageing on  the FirsPark Lake in late 2017 won by Gordon Pemberton, second John Barton and third Ronnie Hayes.  An enjoyable day for all.  Thanks to Age UK for their support

COMMITTEE MEETINGS – Held on the last Thursday of each month ( January/October). Annual General Meeting held on th 2nd Thursday of December. Meetings are held at the East Leigh Labour Club, close to Butts Bridge and begin at 7.45 p.m. Members welcome.

WORKING PARTIES are held At Bickershaw Flashes on evenings during the summer months, usually begining in early May at 6pm. Working parties are also held on the Fir Tree Flash on Tuesday evenings during the summer months. See the bailiffs for details.

Matches. Memorial matches

The Lauren Pilkington Memorial Trophy is held annually, usually the second Saturday in July. The J. Boydell trophy is held on the first Sunday in October. There also  matches  held on sections of the canal in the Leigh area.


The matches on the Fir Tree Flash started well on the 14th May, 2017.  Some good tench, bream and crucian carp being weighed. Results on the day winner Ronnie Hayes 22lbs with Kevin Hayes and John Barton joint second.  Any anglers pleasure fishing are advised not to fish on too light lines or to use to light elastics as the fish are in excellent condition and there is substantial weed growth