Officials and Contacts

Secretary  Geoff Aspinall

Email address

President – Ian Cunliffe

Chairman   Secretary

Treasurer – Frank Partington

Trustee  John Edwards

Match bookings – Frank Partington or Ian Cunliffe on  the canals.

Disability Liaison Officer – Post currently vacant

Team Manager         K. Hayes

Committee Members – A. Gornall, J.Richardson,  I. Cunliffe, C. Mallanaphy, K. Clarke, K.Sephton, F.Partington, R.Hayes, , N. Henshaw. D.Jones, R. Hayes, N. Henshaw.  K. Hayes (Co-oped as  Team manager), C. Aspinall, G. Delmade, N. Owen,

D, Shuttleworth

Coaches – K. Sephton (Head Coach),  F. Partington, C. Rens, N. Henshaw,  K. Buxton,D. Cox, T. Maden-Atkinson, M. Grimshaw, ,D. Howarth,  A. Ginty, Y. Sephton

Bailiffs – Committee members and special responsibilities

Dave Jones, (Fir Tree Flash and Firs Park, Canal)

(Pennington Flash).D. Jones,

Pike Fishing and link to National Pike Angling Group – vacancy


If you have any photographs that you wish to include on this web site, please send them to the Emai address shown below. All entries will be considered by the committee.